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Welcome to Bill's Bowls

Ok, fill in the information below for your chance to win a FREE bowl.

The drawing will be July 22nd, I will email the winner and ship the bowl for free. I would also like the winner to send a picture of them with the bowl once they receive it. This is the bowl, walnut with acrylic paint and mineral oil and beeswax finish, aprox: 4" x 12"


What is Green Turning?

Green turning is when you take whatever wood you are working with and it is turned while it is still Green (wet).  I use a technique called once turned, meaning that I turn the pieces to final size and shape then put aside to dry. While drying the pieces move and distort due to internal tension from the moisture leaving the piece and different rates. Once dry I then embellish the piece and then apply the final finish.

Contact Us


5874 Loran ave
Saint Louis, MO 63109



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