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For over three decades, I have been locked in a great struggle with the very soul of wood, a deep and intense saga that defies imagination. In the beginning, I would craft cabinets and furniture. This was no match for the mighty woods, and for the briefest of moments, it seemed as though they would win this great struggle. Then, in 2019, a bolt of destiny brought me to the great ancient mystic art of green turning. Since then, my life has been a ceaseless tempest of sawdust.

Every tree has a story, locked deep within its bark as they battle with me. Most would say when a tree falls--whether to the wrath of nature; the clutches of disease; or the savage axe of man--that its legend has ended, but not I! Following a pilgrimage to the Great Trees of California, I was temporarily blinded by a beam of light which instructed me to take up the mantle of Wood Whisperer. I now roam St. Louis and the Midwest to scavenge befallen trees to transform into bowls that bring great prestige and renown as centerpieces, displays, or food bowls for the brave and the bold.

I wield the ancient, primal power of the "once turned" technique. I shape the wood into its final form while still drenched in its own raw, wet sap. As they dry, the wooden beasts contort and warp as they sing out their tales in the very fiber of their beings. Once the bowl finishes its saga, I adorn them with fantastical textures, psychedelic paints, and other mystical embellishments. Though two bowls may come from the same wood, each bowl--in its regaling of its legend--sings a unique song. Each bowl is then branded with the type of wood, the date of its great rebirth, and the city where it was first discovered.

Invite the raucous power of wood into your home with a bowl that howls its own saga. Let them scream their mind-bending tales in your home or office today.

About Bill's Bowls

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